Yoga Chakra Cards
Yoga Chakra Cards
Yoga Chakra Cards
Yoga Chakra Cards
Yoga Chakra Cards

Yoga Chakra Cards

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A beautiful set of Yoga Chakra Cards designed by artist, illustrator Sarah Lovell  in collaboration with Lulah Loves founder and yoga teacher Saira Francis.

Follow the guidance on each of these seven chakra cards to help you balance each energy centre. Each card offers a brief description of the chakra and yoga asana, mantra in Sanskrit and English, pranayama and crystals to use to bring harmony to the centre.

We have Seven Chakras or Energy Centres in our bodies. Starting at the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. Each Chakra corresponds to different parts of being a spiritual being, as well as parts of the physical body too.

Here are two examples of the guidance given on each of these Seven Chakras Cards, to bring balance and harmony:

Muladhara - the Base/Root Chakra.
'Mul' meaning base, 'Adhara' meaning support 

Element - Earth
Colour - Red
Part of the body - Base of the Spine
Pranayama (breath work) - Khumbaka, retention of the inhale and the exhale
Mantra - 'I surrender to the Earth, I root myself to deepen my stability'
Chakra Vibration Chant - 'Lam' like 'Om'
Asana - Vrkasana - Tree Pose
Crystals - Agate, Hematite, Garnet

Svadhistana - the Sacral Chakra
'Sva' meaning self, 'adhistana' meaning dwelling place
Element - Water
Colour - Orange
Part of the body - Lower abdomen and sexual organs
Pranayama (breath work) - Dirga & Kapalabhati
Mantra - 'I flow with the current of my life, I follow creative passions with balance and contentment'
Chakra Vibration Chant - 'Vam' 
Asana - Parsva Vibhradhasana  - Peaceful Warrior
Crystals -Carnelian, Moonstone, Tigers Eye

This is a wonderful addition to your yoga tool kit and would also make an ideal gift for any of your yogi friends and loved ones!

Cards and boxes are made from recycled card and printed in Dorset, UK.