Divine Goddess with Geranium oil

Divine Goddess with Geranium oil

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Our long awaited Aromatic Aura Sprays are back!
These are a divinely scented collection of sprays to aid healing with aromatherapy oils, combined to help you in all areas of life.

Geranium oil  is very balancing and lovely for women of all ages. It has a healing effect when inhaled deeply and is also very uplifting, bringing joy to the mood. Geranium oil is very effective for women to help balance the hormones around the time of menstruation, menopause or other imbalances. It helps bring harmony to the nervous system and dispels anxiety and depression. It is also lovely for a woman who is trying to get pregnant or struggling with infertility.

Give the spray a good shake then mist around your aura, your space or anywhere it is needed.

Choose from any of the below and you will soon be blissed out in aroma heaven.

💕 Divine Goddess with Geranium oil 

💕 Shakti Flow with Harmonising Frankincense

💕Prana flow with Energising May Chang

💕Chill Out with Balancing Petitgrain

💕Space Cleanse with Detoxing Sage & Lemon

💕Soul Love with Pure Divine Rose Otto

💕Sensual Balance with Love Inducing Sandalwood