Handmade Knitted Yoga  Blanket
Handmade Knitted Yoga  Blanket

Handmade Knitted Yoga Blanket

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Stunning cosy blanket, perfect as a cover up in Savasana and looks great on your sofa or even in your car!

This is a knitted blanket in multi-coloured recycled yarn found in charity shops and donated odd end balls of wool.

Measures 80cm x 110cm in block squares of red, black, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, grey and purple.

Handmade in the UK by a team of local crafters who donate 100% of their profits from production of these blankets to Tools for Self Reliance.

At Mellulah Yoga Retreats we have been using these handmade yoga blankets to keep our yogis cosy on retreats and in classes since we first laid out the mats in 2011, they are loved by all xx